Saturday, 1 August 2009

the best things come in small packages

found a great website for all you girlies that love free stuff :D

basically all you have to do is enter your details and beauty stats, pick from a list of products, send a text, and get your free testers:)
okeoke i said free
but there is a text fee of £1
not a bad price to pay for a taste of a new product
i've just sent off my details and will post a blog about my goodies when i get them:)



  1. ohmygosh how exciting! what brands and types of products do they have? i think its only for the UK :( what did you get?

  2. ahhh someone else told me about this but isnt it just samples that you get? xxx

  3. I blogged about this awhile ago, its an amazing site! And their customer service is awesome!

  4. oh wow!! That is so cool..I love free stuff..Nice blog

  5. my freebies arrived today so excited about trying them xoxo


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