Sunday, 2 August 2009

car booooooting!

this morning at the crack of dawn my mum had me up to help her with the car boot sale
since i was born and possibly still in the womb i've been going to boot sales
my mum loves them and rightly so
the amount of bargains i get each week is amazing!
for example 5 brand new barry m dazzledusts 20p each!
mac, nars, too faced, urban decay £1-2
and the clothes are also great

heres a few bits i got this week
couldnt seem to find any make up so its mostly clothes
got a fake tan for 50p though so i shall give that a go and if its any good i'll have to hurry down to boots! :p
most of this was 50p-£1 :))

river island top, topshop top

new look shirt, river island top, millenium dress

indian style shoes, soltan, evie top, warehouse top and topshop shirt

sooo pretty:)
so if you see any near you i say go to them!
sometimes you can find a real great gem amongst the cuddly toys and crap :)



  1. Ohh great finds!!
    I havent been to a car boot for AGES!!!

  2. Some great bargains there! I think I'll check out my local car boot sales now! :)

  3. i dont think i have anything like that where i live! you got some cute things!

  4. how do you find the good carboot sales though?

  5. @fashionjunkiexx
    these are just the local ones i go too
    sometimes i find nothing, other times i get some great stuff

  6. ah okay, i was talking to my mum and she told me about what she thought was a pretty good one, going there on sunday morning, thanks for the tip!

  7. Amazing! Who knew there was so much to be found at a car boot sale?!

  8. Cool blog!!!

    I will start to follow!

  9. great bargains! i really need to get to a car boot sale! great blog btw, just became a follower, check out mine if you can


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