Tuesday, 11 August 2009

stud muffin

apart from wolf t-shirts and moccasins i have a big lusting for anything covered in pyramid studs
very 'old skool' of me im sure, but i just think they look so darn sexy
and end up jazzing-up simple outfits


Burberry Nella Studded Satchel

this is the bag of all stud bags
although i'll probably never own/see one in my lifetime:(
but after seeing Kelly's blogpost about her diy stud bag i knew what i had to do!
i plan on buying a cheapish (seeing as i have a track record for not being too great at diy :p) black leather bag and studs!
a great website for studs is StudsandSpikes, they offer a wide range of sizes and even colours
and tbh while im at it i think i'll add some studs to my jeans and leather jacket ;)
stud crazy :p




  1. @Tabitha Sheridan
    i think they are from topshop and if they are then i have them :p so im deffo gonna add some studs to them


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