Tuesday, 18 August 2009

bathina and hollywood glo reviews

i had a lil shop last week and managed to pick up some benefit goodies
i picked two items that are very similar but i do have a reason for this
first of all i'll talk about bathina - body so fine
this pretty pink coloured tin sits perfectly on my vintage vanity
it comes with its own cute velvet puff to help apply it
as soon as i open it up the smell of old-fashioned roses fills the room
some people may find this overpowering but a good thing to this is when applied the scent last for ages, longer then a perfume, so i'd suggest if your going to use this then lay off any other sort of smellys

the balm its self is pale pink in colour but swiped on skin it turns transparent and luminescent, only the shimmer really shows up
the shimmer isnt glitterball or silly looking, in fact it looks very lovely and i feel that this would suit any skin colour, the downside is it does tend to feel a lil greasy and i know some people dont like that feeling
another problem is the shimmer does wear off quite quickly although the scent will stick around for a while
i bought this mainly for the winter or when i give my fake tan a rest, to make my palllle skin glow
packaging: 5/5 sooo cute!
price: 2/5 i reckon its way too much for what it is, around £20
product: 4/5 wish the scent wasnt so strong
overall: 3/5

bathina body so fine ~ hollywood glo body lustre

on to hollywood glo
now its pretty much the same as bathina expect it does leave more of a golden bonzey colour to the skin
so i would recommend this more for people with a tan or a darker skin colour
the smell...to me...is truly horrible and reminds me of old people, some of you may like it though and its probably more of a personal thing
again it comes with its own velvet puff which makes application soft and even
i do believe they stopped making it and turned it into a small bottle of shimmery lotion which i also have and i can say this much, they did not improve the smell much at all!
i will most likely only use this on my legs to give a nice sheen and when im decked out in my fake tan ready to glow!
packaging: 5/5 again so cute
price: 4/5 again around £20 but only found on ebay
product: 1/5 HATE the smell eek!
overall: 2/5



  1. I like the look of the hollywood glo, i love a nice sheen! i wish youd mentioned the prices though hun! great review xx

  2. @Tabitha Sheridan
    its nice its just the smell lol >.<
    oopps! added the prices in :))

  3. Oh great :D
    £20 seems alot for what it is though, dontcha reckon? thats benefit for you though i guess! xx

  4. @Tabitha Sheridan
    oh yeh! spesh as im not too fond of them, but they look too cute so i cant part with them just yet :p

  5. haha thevideo of those was so funny

    'they smell like old people'
    ahahaha x

  6. @Cat@catslittleobsessions


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