Thursday, 13 August 2009

1st palette

this is a blog about my first mac palette
i've already shown you all my new eyeshadows but i never posted about my old depotted ones^^
i depotted them on my old sexy pink GHD's :p
and got a lil high off the fumes

mostly neutrals, some new brighter colours to spice up the more natural looks

smut ~ tempting ~ amberlights ~ swish
honesty ~ bronze ~ sumptuous olive ~ stars n rockets
shroom ~ phloof! ~ aquadisiac ~ beauty marked ~ nocturnelle

for an everyday look i normally like to pair shroom + honesty + bronze for a subtle smokey look
for a more glamourous look i pair phloof! + stars n rocket + nocturnelle + beauty marked

still need two more shadows so any colours that i need? give me some suggestions :)
although i might press some of my barry m pigments in the future
i'll let you know how that works out ;)



  1. woodwinked? :)
    it's my favorite e/s at the moment, I've been using it so much!!

    and maybe like a dark silver/black like knight divine?
    I duno, just some suggestions! haha

    nice palette though, most of the colors u have there are on my wishlist!

  2. The make-up artist I work with has the same palette from MAC!

    the singular

  3. please do a post if you do press some barry m pigments, ive been thinking about doing it for a while!

  4. do you have carbon? that's my holy grail e/s. :) hehe. i love, love, love those purples on the far right! xx

  5. Carbon!! it can add interest to any look! xx

  6. woodwinked! or if you want to add another pink or purple maybe purple shower and Maira’s Magic from the new collection comming up!

  7. @kidbarbie
    hmm woodwinked looks exactly the same as tempting and i kinda wanted to move away from browns :p
    ty anyway

    yeh i will :))

    i have a black barry m so i kinda wanted some fun new colours
    ty anywayyy :))

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