Wednesday, 29 July 2009

my hair

over the years i've spent a bomb on my hair, extensions, dyes, bleach, highlights
heres a lil time line!

3 years ago
black hair!
with clip in extensions


2 years ago
bleached blonde!
with clip in extensions


beginning of the year
was ment to be brown but they turned it red!
aha me and my bf looking 10 years old and done something really naughty.../cough


present day
brown! with blonde highlights in fringe!
finally i dont have to go to the hairdressers every month for touch ups and crap
was tempted to go back to black as i LOVE dark hair and fair skin with smokey eyes and nude lips but for now its staying brown :p

would love to see other peoples hair time lines:))


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

crator face :(

so about 3 years ago i got both my monroes picered and loved them!
a couple of months ago i took them out as im growing up and want to look presentable and not like i'll murder a virgin on 06.06.06 :)
and so i was left with 2 large holes above my lips:(
i try everyday to cover them with a ton of concealer and although it makes them less obvious i can still see them
its got to the point where i'll sit and cry about them and feel sorry for myself
i never regret having them done but im a lil bummed that my skin didnt heal so well

a lil search on the internet pulled up treatments that cost well in to the hundreds of pounds

money i just dont have to spend on such a vain thing
then i came across the Derma Roller
a odd looking device that wouldnt look too out of place in a horror movie

it claims to restore hair loss, remove acne/scarring, remove stretch marks and cellulite, anti ageing/wrinkles

How To Use Your Dermaroller

Take your dermaroller and simply roll it back and forth a few times over the affected area. By using a short needle length, the process is entirely pain free and takes just a few moments. After rolling, apply a moisturising crème or lotion and that’s all you have to do! Your skin will naturally do the rest as it begins to gradually transform itself to a thicker and plumper surface in which acne scars can entirely disappear and even heavy pitted scars can fade significantly. Within a few weeks you and those around you will notice a huge improvement.

now dont get me wrong im all for the saying 'if something sounds too good to be true, it normally is' but for only £55 i may have to give this a go

im deffo gonna look for some more reviews but i am preying this isnt a con/gimmick
i want to be pretty again:(

nyx eye and lip pencil swatches and review

so i've already swatched my nyx rounds lipsticks but never got round to taking pictures of my other nyx products

jumbo eyeshadow pencil in 618 purple
i LOVEEEE this, so creamy and the perfect base for a smokey eye look
the colour is bright and pigmented and i will deffo be buying more of these
they are also very easy to depot, simply take the metal stopper off and hold a hairdryer over the hole and the will melt into anywhere you want to store them:)

eye pencils in soft pink, purple and brown
these are a lil on the hard side, i really had to stab the pencil and rub hard if i wanted to achive any colour, this can be sorted out but holding the tip of the pencil over a flame and slightly melting it til its abit softer
once i actually got the colour to appear they are amazing! so bright!

lip pencils in expresso and cappuccino
i got these in my order as a free gift so not my normal colour choices but they are creamy and have lots! of staying power
i've just wiped my hand with a face wipe and i can still see the swatches! plus these pencils are massive! they have a good 3cms more in length then the eye pencils, the names of these are much more imaginative aswell :p

jumbo eyeshadow pencil in purple
eye pencil in soft pink
eye pencil in purple
eye pencil in brown
lip pencil in expresso
lip pencil cappuccino

sorry for the crappy iphone pics :p

where i blog and youtube

this is an entry about where i blog and make youtube videos, i always love blogs like these as im pretty noisy :p
my computer is an imac and its masssssssive! i get scared it'll fall over onto me one day and i wont be seen again
my mouse pad is world of warcraft :p as i used to play alot, infact i even met my boyfriend of 1year7months on there so it means alot to me even though i dont play it much anymore:(
i did say i was abit of a geek:))
my makeup and hair stuff is to the left of me so i can easily reach it and that small mirror is where i do my make up whilst listening to songs on the imonster :p
all in all i like my set up and recently changed it around to this and i much prefer it:))

Monday, 27 July 2009

blogger events?

just wondering how people get invited to them
i'd love to go to one for a chance to meet my guru idols but have no idea how to go about getting an invite
maybe in the future i will:))

Sunday, 26 July 2009


heres the piccies that go along with my new youtube video
purple smokey eye or pornstar look :p

mac shroom e/s
mac swish e/s
mac stars n rockets e/s
NYX purple eyeliner
natural collections black eye liner
loreal super liner carbon gloss
maybelline the colossal volum express

mac fleshpot lipstick

mac SFF nw15
nars deauville
benefit hollywood glo
elf blusher
fix + spray
benefit 10 bronze/highlighter

Saturday, 25 July 2009

xen-tan review

xen-tan dark tanning lotion review

Price: £25.95
Packaging: the pump makes application easy, no spillage and its easy to control how much product your going to get so no wasting:)
Application: i used rubber gloves to rub it in, went on much smoother then my old fake bake tanner, rubbed in well and looked instantly tanned, does leave some marks and blobs so i wouldnt go out without washing it off first
Smell: at first it has a faint smell of almonds, after a while it does turn to the horrible fakey tan smell, but once you've washed it off in the morning it doesnt smell at all:)
Colour: veryyyy dark but not a stupid colour, not orange, olive, yumm

pros: tan last agesss
bottle is great
colour is gawwwjazzzz
smell at first is nice

cons: kinda expensive
smells of fake tan while its developing

all in all
if it was a tinnyyy bit cheaper it'd get a 10 ;)
but i'll deffo be rebuying:))
and may try the spray

check this website out for some great offers and loads of £££ off of the RRP


Friday, 24 July 2009

mac haul

so a couple of days ago my mac order came, i decided not to get anything from the colour craft collection
all abit too shimmery and glittery for my likings
instead i got my first 15 palette!! eee
and 5 e/s :D
stars n rockets
aquadisiac and a foundation pump

right away i got to work at depotting my 8 other potted e/s
chipped amber lights though :(
will do swatches and such on youtube and go in too more detail



today i took a trip down to WHSmith and found some great storage for my make up
i found a gawjazzzzz set and had to have them

the big one was £14.99 and the two little ones were 7.99 i thinkk

i dont have a massive make up collection and im actually a lil sad at how sad it is :(
i guess that can change though :))

but yay i love em :D


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

worst makeup mistake

oke i thought i'd write about the worst thing i seem to do with make up
so its a night out on the town and im getting all ready, i finish my make up and move on to clothes
the doorbell rings and its the girlies, we drink abit...ok alot! and then i get the clever idea to redo all of my make up as its starting to look a lil blurry in the mirror for some odd drunken reason..

thus i slap the fondation on and smother myself in lippie
i should be kept away from make up once im above the legal limit!!

yes i look like an idoit but im all for putting my hand up and saying yes i used and abused makeup :))
learn from my mistake girls! dont drink and do make up :p


Monday, 20 July 2009

second tag!

second tag of the night although i offically got tagged for this by the lovely babycakesmakeup
so tyvm!!!:)
i have abit of a headache so my answer probably wont be too long

What's your favourite makeup look?

hmmh for an everyday look i love nude lips and brown subtle eyes and a dash of blush, nothing too dramatic
for night i love to go allll out ;) big bold eye colours with sexy nude lips and lashing of bronzer!
im also really liking purple lipstick right now, very lady gaga

What part of your body do you love?
my boobs, i may not be skinny and stick-like but my lovely DD's make up for it :) and i also like my feet, only cos my bf goes on about them being 'cute' 0.o

Who is your beauty icon?

hmmmh this is tricky, i guess i dont really have one :/ anyone that does their own thing and looks amazing while doing so is good in my books

What beauty products make you feel instantly sexy?
bright/deep red lipstick, i instantly start posing as if im about to star on the front cover of a pinup lads mag
big lush lips are sexy
also my hair extensions make me feel like a 60's pornstar! big messy bed hair is a personal favourite of mine:p

How do you look after your skin?
i dont do a thing :)
to put it simply
my skins quiet good although i do have my pill to thank for that but even without them i only get the odd pimple. nothing drastic
apart from that i moisturize it everyday

What is your signature scent?
miss dior cherie!!
got this on the way back from japan, wore it on the first date with my bf, so he loves it and smelling it just brings back happy memorys:))

What are your hair care secrets?

hmm dont overwash!!!
i hear so many people say 'oh but my hair gets greasy if i dont wash it everyday' thats because your washing the nautral oils out everyday...thus yr body produces wayy too much resulting in greasy hair
i wash mine once a week and it only ever gets greasy on the 5thy day then i resort to my dry shampoo
i dont care if this sounds gross lol

How do you pamper yourself?
i go to town with mummies plastic :p

What is your beauty pet peeve?
i HATE it when people spend £££ on every piece from a collection even though they know they arent going to wear half of it
i know i know!! nothing to do with me and ofc its up to them but in the end it just looks like they're showing off :/

What would be your desert island must haves?

just like melanie i would take suncream as i burn within seconds!:((
lipblam as my lips also burn lol and a hat, normally my head burns aswell
ahh the joys of being an english rose

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
hmmh be creative and fun and aslong as you like a look then go for it and dont care what anyone else thinks about it :)))


tag anyone that wants to do it :D xo

my first tag:))

yay a tag! my first one aswell
and a good one to start with:)) all about me

Me: Fae
Nicknames: kitty, fifi, not alot you can do with fae im afraid lol
Birthday: 7th September
Place of Birth: England
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Male or Female: female
Occupation: Student student
Residence: Saaafeeenddddd lol
Screen Name: ohmyskelexo

Hair Colour: brunette with blonde highlights, was platinum blonde for 2ish years and i can safely say they dont have more fun ;)
Hair Length: just past my shoulders, been growing it forever!
Eye colour: blue
Best Feature: lips orrr eyes
Height: 5ft 4
Braces?: nope
Glasses?: nahh
Piercing: ahhh septum, ears and tongue, used to have both monroes and my ears were stretched p
Tattoos: no:( deffo getting some though
Righty or Lefty: right

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: Emma
First Award: hmmmh, probs some poem thing in school
First Sport You Joined: cheerleading
First Real Vacation: viva lassss vegasss! wasnt the first holiday but deffo one of the more extreme places i've been too
First Concert: busted lol
First Love: dannykins

Movie: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, wristcutters a love story, riding in cars with boys, lol all very depressing films
TV Show: C.S.I <33333
Colours: greys, purples, pinks
Song: any song by The hunt for ida wave, lair by taking back sunday, back in your head by tegan and sara
Candy: hmm boost bars
Restaurant: the local indian
Store: primark, i do love a bargain
School: pfft...none
Book: a million little pieces by james frey, even if it was all lies
Magazine: vogue
Shoes: 5" heels

Feeling: sad, bf gone for the week:(
Single or Taken: taken<333
Eating: haagen-dars strawberry cheesecake nomnomnom
Typing: this :p
Online: mhm
Listening To: my mum talk about something or other
Thinking About: watching something
Wanting: my bubbykins:((
Watching: nothing yet
Wearing: PJ's :D

Want Children?: ofc!
Want to be Married: yes pleaseee
Careers in Mind: marine anything tbh
Where do you want to live?: japan or canada!!

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: once maybe
Had Alcohol: ofc
Smoked: once and hated it! BLAH
Ran Away From Home: once when i was little lol got to the garden and it started raining so went back
Broken a bone: no
Got an X-ray: of my mouth
Broken Someone's Heart: yeah
Broke Up With Someone: yeh
Cried When Someone Died: not yet
Cried At School: yeh

Do You Believe In:
God: no
Miracles: kinda
Love At First sight: yeh
Ghosts: no
Aliens: yeh watched all the x-files, i believe!!
Soul Mates: yeh<3
Heaven: yeh
Hell: yep
Kissing on The First Date: yeh
Yourself: ofc!!

i tag anyone that wants to do it!!! :D xo

japan 07

as a treat my mum said i could pick anywhere in the world i wanted to go to
soooo i picked japan!
the year before was las vegas
im a lucky girl i know:))
heres a ton of piccies of my visit, not in order as im too lazy to sort them out
visited lots of temples and shops!
went to hello kitty land, and the pokemon center
aha im a g33k:)

so enjoy:D

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