Thursday, 20 August 2009

its the most wonderful time of the year

winter is by far my favourite season
sure summers nice, i like the way it makes me feel all happy no matter what
but theres something about wrapping myself up in scarfs and coats and getting ready for christmas that just makes me smile!
i find winter fashion so cute
so heres my winter must-haves!

♡first up is the sweater dress, yeh a dress in winter! not only is it warm and snugg but it looks super cute, paired with thick tights you cant go wrong
so if your if a girl that loves dresses but wouldnt like to freeze to death, this is for you:)

♡cute hats! plain or patterned, doesnt matter aslong as your heads warm
atm im inlove with the slouchy 'boyfriends' hat, perfect for when my hairs a mess and i need a very quick fix, also works well with a casual look

♡coats, you will definitely need one of these in the winter! this just so happens to be my pride and joy, my juicy couture plaid toggle coat:) i cant actually wear this unless its below freezing as i would bake to death! its lined with sheeps wool so it gets pretty hot, great for a cold winter night

♡UGGS, again lined with sheeps wool so its like an oven in these
they go with pretty much every outfit, a definite winter wardrobe must-have in my books

♡hoodies are great to have as they can be worn on not-so-cold days, ideal if your just popping out quickly and ya cant be bothered to waddle about in a massive coat
hoodies also look amazing under leather jackets, i normally wear a grey one to stand out under my black jacket

♡cute booties that can be worn in the house and outdoors? NEED!
not only do i feel like i belong in sweden or norway in these but they are snugg and veryveryvery cute^^
another piece of warmth that can work with lots of outfits, you neeeeeed these for sure!



  1. I love that hat & Uggs are definetly a must-have!

  2. those boots are super cute!!

  3. Yeah Uggs are a must have for me, as well as thick black tights and a knitted slouchy beret hat. I love winter fashion better than summer fashion..

  4. im pretty excied for the cold now 2 :) xx

  5. eee, i totally agree with youu. i'm going to austrialia for xmas and new year with my parents, little bit sad about no winter for xmas day :( xoxo

  6. Winter is my favorite season! I love the slouchy hats too! xx

  7. that hoodie is soo cute, where is it from?

  8. Love the idea of a sweater dress! I will keep a look out for one! :) x

  9. @hannah
    um i googled american eagle so it might be an old one, its lovely though^^

  10. hahahahaah waddle about in a big coat!! oh you crack me up!! x

  11. love uggs... need new ones though, since mine are totally worn out!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Ooh do you know where that hoodie's from? I HAVE to have it - the fur is so cute!


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