Sunday, 8 November 2009

no im not dead...

im still alive! and you'll know that if you follow me on twitter^^
i have been so busy with college and new friends that i havent had time to make any blogs/videos
plus i've been saving up for car and stuff so makeup has been far down on my list of important things:(
i do have a haul that i'll try and get round to recording
any requests for looks? tuts?
let me know :)


Saturday, 19 September 2009

full lush lips

i've been on the look out for a lip plumper but spending £10+ on something that might work never appeals to me so when i was at primark i saw this little beauty
for £1.20 i HAD to try it out, there was little risk involved
the packaging looks a bit tacky, gold plastic but i think thats reflected in the price nicely
the product its self comes out through a small brush on the end and you simple twist the end of the pen to get more out
although it does say it will only take 2 clicks to start it up when you first open it, it took me something like 50 clicks :/
but it did come out in the end!
it smells like....watermelon, fruity
i applied it to my lips and waited, after about 30 seconds i could feel it working
i was a tad worried as it was very numbing but i left it on
it seemed to work, i will have to compare before and after pictures, which i promise i'll do when my nasty coldsore has gone:(
the numbing feeling doesnt last long and im not sure if the effect lasts either, again something im gonna have to look out for

im very pleased with this:) and for the price its pretty good, gets the job done^^

talons are out! NOTD

this nail vanish is from the primark makeup/beauty range and for a £1 i had to try it!
its sort of lighter then it is in the picture, sort of coraly/orangey
very different to what i normally go for but so far i like it:)
had a few chips but nothing too bad
the colour range wasnt very big at the store, i think they only actually had this colour and a blue
but deffo worth checking them out:)

they see me hauling..

first week of college has been good:)
as a treat my mum took me to Lakeside and got me a few bits
yet again its mostly primark, you realllllly cannot go wrong
oke so first is primarks beauty/makeup range

i got the VISP perfume which is SOSOSOSOSOO LOVELYYY!! its like vanilla and iuno but its amazing!! only 4 squid aswell!!! i deffo recommend this for christmas pressies for yr mates:))
eyelash curlers
nail files
coral nail vanish
and a lip plumper
the last two have their own posts coming soon

moar stud boots, i couldnt resist, brown this time as i always seem to get black shoes:/

moccasions, again brown as i dont have many

stud barrel bag, i swear i almost died when i saw it in the window of some chavy shop, i scared my mum abit as well when i squeeled :p
its actually pretty big and will be great for a weekend bag
only £14.00

topshop night rider top with massive arm holes, will have to wear a pretty bra with this or maybe a small tee underneath

back to primark, a skirt with suspenders, very smart idd

aha boyfriend blazer, also got this in navy, the fabric is soooooo soft
i plan on studding one of them, so i have one for nighttime;) and a plain one for day

best til last
what can i say?! ITS GOD-LIKE!


ask me anything!:))
will post the questions and answers on my blog


Monday, 14 September 2009

sleeping most of the time

helllllo, hope your all oke!
for some reason every time i return from a break i end up having an even longer break
but i have good reasons!
firstly i started college and my timetable is still changing, its such an important course that i need to study an awful lot:(
along with that im learning to drive and have my test coming up soon, eeeeek! my mum has said i should double my lessons to 2 hours a week and any extra i think i might need
had a job interview on sunday which was very surprising as they only rang me the day before and told me to come in
my first ever interview and he didnt ask me anything! i pretty much had the job before i got there lol so the whole morning of me worrying and panicking was for nothing :p
i'd rather not say where its at as some people are meanies and tbh it isnt exactly the most glamorous of jobs but money is money :))
if it means i can afford my car insurance AND anything else i want then so be it;)
due to all this happening im finding it hard to spend enough time with my bf
he lives a fair bit away so its easier if he stays for a while
this will all change ofc when i pass my driving test;)
he seems to think im learning to drive so that i can pick him up and take him through Mcdonalds drive thru -_-
so yeah allllll of this means i cant spend much time on blogs and videos :(
im sure once i get my first pay check i'll have a lil makeup shopping spree so i'll deff post and ofc the odd review, so keep watching
hopefully i'll have enough time for everything
there really isnt enough hours in the day


Tuesday, 8 September 2009


recently i bought two fake chanel earrings, i was lusting after the real things but my bank did not agree that they would be the best things to spend lots of money on
so instead i found these very good knock-offs
now personally i dont mind them being fake, tbh you cant tell the difference unless your an expert
to prove this i took a picture of them next to my real chanel necklace, if im honest the necklace looks more fake then the earrings :p
i also think they look very classy, unlike most fake stuff i've seen
let me know what you think, would you ever wear fake designer stuff?

spot the fakes?!

heres linds wearing the real deal :p
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