Monday, 17 August 2009


this seemed like such a fun tag i just had to do it!
the lovely zoe tagged me so tyvm for the great tag :))

heres what you have to do
1. first go to your picture folder
2. go down to the 10th picture
3. post the 10th picture and tell the great story behind it :)
and dont forget to tag 5 people

my 10th picture

okeoke so technically i didnt take this picture but i'll tell you the reason i saved it:)
this is what i want my view to be like when i wake up in the morning and look out of my lil log cabin
im very much a nature girl and even though i love the city i would much prefer to roam around with bears and deers then with cars and people
give me plaid lumberjack shirt and moccasins over 5" heels and strappy dresses anyday
horses over flash cars
beautiful fresh lakes over highpriced spas
a home made from wood over a 20 story flat

ahh yes thats the life for me :))
dont get me wrong i love being pampered and spending money on high end stuff but how can you beat that view!? its amazing!

aha so there you go
my lil story:)

now for you lot!
i tag
...Tabithas Wonderland...
plus anyone else that wants to do this

thanks again zoe for tagging me, was a very fun tag:))
and cant wait to see the everyones 10th piccies


  1. Awh thats gorgeous! i know what you mean, i love living in the city, being able to shop, go out, etc but i would love to live in the countryside! not near bears though!!!!

  2. @Aisling
    aha yeh!
    lol bears! eek
    i'd love to live in canada and see moose everyday ^^
    only have boring animals in england :/ foxes and hedgehogs... :p

  3. thanks for tagging me! :) that first picture is so gorg. xx

  4. Hi dear.i've just tagged u in my latest post entry..would like to know u better and i think u are really pretty...u really love like a doll!!


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