Saturday, 15 August 2009

not that great?

this is the infamous 187 brush by mac that everyone seems to be lusting after
now although i didnt purchased the £29.00 version of this stippling brush, i got a fairly good cheaper dupe
and all i can say is whats the hype about?
all it seems to do is push my foundation around my face and in the end it just looks cakey
im guessing this is what its meant to do to create the 'flawless' look
i have since moved on to a much better way of applying my foundation
costs me nothing :p
my fingerrrrs
yes the simplest thing
the other day round my bf's i was doing my make up and realized my stippling brush was veryyyy dirty and hadnt been washed in ages, so instead of using it i put it to one side and resorted to using my hands
i was shocked at how much of a different there was
my foundation was even and non-cakey :D
also instead of one big pump from my mac SSF i used 1/4 pumps and waited for the product to settle on my face before doing another layer
this helped loads!
so there ya have it
just because somethings insanely expensive doesnt mean it'll do the job any better then something that costs nothing :p
by no means am i saying that the brush itself is not good, but the finger technique seems to work better for me



  1. I always use my fingers when applying foundation, i find it easier and think like you said it gives it an even non-cakey texture.


  2. Hmm each for their own i guess, because i love the 187! :D

  3. our hands/fingers is the best tool. i would never purchase this from mac in a million years. id rather use that money to buy myself a smoothie lol.

    but seriously i agree with you. i have the smaller version of this brush from the mac holiday collection and i used it for foundation and it was okay. i didnt think it gave me an air brush look even if i stippled it on my face.

  4. I agree....fingers are the best way of applying foundation.

    Sometimes though I will use my stippling brush after I have applied it with my fingers. If you swirl the brush around the face it buffs the foundation in giving a smoother finish. x

  5. If I use liquid foundation, I like to use my fingers too. I feel like there is too much if I use anything else.

  6. I got the 187 after the make up artist in mac applied foundation with it amazingly. i found that the black hairs fell out soo much though - literally all over my face! i just use it for blending my blusher now, which seems like a bit of a waste of £29! x

  7. I have a SE version of the brush. Sometimes I use it, Sometimes I just use my fingers. I do find that my bush sheds but I hear this happens to a lot of the SE brushes.

    I have to say I use my fingers more than the brush. I find that the foundation seems to be more even that way.

    Bryden x

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