Friday, 21 August 2009

the fab pore first thoughts

oke this is from the very popular Soap & Glory range
i've tried it twice now, and so far im liking it
the product its self is pinky white with tiny green beads mixed in, and you bascially apply it as a face mask and rub in until all the little beads have burst and disappeared
you can either leave it for 5 minutes for a quick glow or 15 for a more intense effect
then you simply wash it off
it leaves my skin alot more fresher and brighter
i cant comment on whether or not it makes my pores smaller or gets rid of blackheads as i dont really suffer with any of those, but it certainly feels cool and refreshing
another thing i love about this is the smell! its sort of minty and cucumbery :p
so yeah so far its a thumbs up from me :))
packaging: 5/5 very 50's and cute
price: 5/5 very cheap^^ £5.88 at boots
product: 4/5
overall: 5/5



  1. I think I'm going to give this a try! I'm usually wary of scented products on my face as I have sensitive skin but it looks so cute! xx

  2. Good review, i might try it. Im enjoying reading your blog, keep it up, and your video's on youtube are great xox

  3. Great review!
    I love that picture, your too cute lol! :)!!

  4. @-Emma.
    ooo try it! its really not a strong smell at all, just a very slight scent

    ty :))

    aha ty^^
    there was no way on earth i could make myself look nice with no make up, hair up and a face mask on >.<

  5. i always loeve their packaging. great review. im actually going to pick up some soap and glory products today

  6. I think I'm definitely gonna have to try this - I've never had blackheads until recently when I saw one on my nose. I almost died, haha.
    Lovely blog :)


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