Thursday, 6 August 2009

OFTD? nahhh

thought i'd try on some bits i got on sunday

top - new look
skirt - primark
pallllleee legs heh
iuno about this tbh, i look abit plump
but i guess it'll be oke for a job interview with black heels and tights

dress - millenium
loveeeee this! its so me and it only cost £1 :p

they arent really OFTD but i thought i'd put them up anyway
plus im messing about with photoshop
and remembering how much i love it<3



  1. i loove the first outfit, im on the lookout for a good crisp white skirt at the moment, looks gorgeous! xxx

  2. @Tabitha Sheridan ty! i wasnt sure it looked right but maybe i have it pulled up too high? iuno :/ i love the style of it though^^xo


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