Saturday, 25 July 2009

xen-tan review

xen-tan dark tanning lotion review

Price: £25.95
Packaging: the pump makes application easy, no spillage and its easy to control how much product your going to get so no wasting:)
Application: i used rubber gloves to rub it in, went on much smoother then my old fake bake tanner, rubbed in well and looked instantly tanned, does leave some marks and blobs so i wouldnt go out without washing it off first
Smell: at first it has a faint smell of almonds, after a while it does turn to the horrible fakey tan smell, but once you've washed it off in the morning it doesnt smell at all:)
Colour: veryyyy dark but not a stupid colour, not orange, olive, yumm

pros: tan last agesss
bottle is great
colour is gawwwjazzzz
smell at first is nice

cons: kinda expensive
smells of fake tan while its developing

all in all
if it was a tinnyyy bit cheaper it'd get a 10 ;)
but i'll deffo be rebuying:))
and may try the spray

check this website out for some great offers and loads of £££ off of the RRP



  1. I really wanna try this tan, it looks fab! Where can you get it from?? xXx

  2. hazeleyes- oops forgot to include the link :P


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