Saturday, 18 July 2009


its a saturday night and i decided to spend it in with the bf
while hes been playing games at the other end of the bed i've been polyvoring!
its very very VERY addictive!
such a time killer:)
heres what i've done so far

The dark side to pink

my hearts

hmm very chic and classy
if only i had the cash for these outfits!!
a girl can dream right?!

defo expect to see some more of these, i love doing them:))


  1. polyvoring ? what is that? sound fun :) I wish to spend time with my bf right now..since it's our 20th month.. huhu :) just sharing..cute outfit btw

  2. Great collages and love your bag in the last post

  3. you do polyvore too!
    hahah it's so addicting


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