Tuesday, 28 July 2009

nyx eye and lip pencil swatches and review

so i've already swatched my nyx rounds lipsticks but never got round to taking pictures of my other nyx products

jumbo eyeshadow pencil in 618 purple
i LOVEEEE this, so creamy and the perfect base for a smokey eye look
the colour is bright and pigmented and i will deffo be buying more of these
they are also very easy to depot, simply take the metal stopper off and hold a hairdryer over the hole and the will melt into anywhere you want to store them:)

eye pencils in soft pink, purple and brown
these are a lil on the hard side, i really had to stab the pencil and rub hard if i wanted to achive any colour, this can be sorted out but holding the tip of the pencil over a flame and slightly melting it til its abit softer
once i actually got the colour to appear they are amazing! so bright!

lip pencils in expresso and cappuccino
i got these in my order as a free gift so not my normal colour choices but they are creamy and have lots! of staying power
i've just wiped my hand with a face wipe and i can still see the swatches! plus these pencils are massive! they have a good 3cms more in length then the eye pencils, the names of these are much more imaginative aswell :p

jumbo eyeshadow pencil in purple
eye pencil in soft pink
eye pencil in purple
eye pencil in brown
lip pencil in expresso
lip pencil cappuccino

sorry for the crappy iphone pics :p

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