Tuesday, 28 July 2009

where i blog and youtube

this is an entry about where i blog and make youtube videos, i always love blogs like these as im pretty noisy :p
my computer is an imac and its masssssssive! i get scared it'll fall over onto me one day and i wont be seen again
my mouse pad is world of warcraft :p as i used to play alot, infact i even met my boyfriend of 1year7months on there so it means alot to me even though i dont play it much anymore:(
i did say i was abit of a geek:))
my makeup and hair stuff is to the left of me so i can easily reach it and that small mirror is where i do my make up whilst listening to songs on the imonster :p
all in all i like my set up and recently changed it around to this and i much prefer it:))


  1. don't you just love the large screen macs....my sister had one, but she took it to her bf's now I have to blog on a small laptop lol.

  2. I want that computer! It's gorgeous! xx

  3. Love your room and the cute piccy of the dog, its so cute!
    Love Raspberrykiss <3


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