Monday, 20 July 2009

my first tag:))

yay a tag! my first one aswell
and a good one to start with:)) all about me

Me: Fae
Nicknames: kitty, fifi, not alot you can do with fae im afraid lol
Birthday: 7th September
Place of Birth: England
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Male or Female: female
Occupation: Student student
Residence: Saaafeeenddddd lol
Screen Name: ohmyskelexo

Hair Colour: brunette with blonde highlights, was platinum blonde for 2ish years and i can safely say they dont have more fun ;)
Hair Length: just past my shoulders, been growing it forever!
Eye colour: blue
Best Feature: lips orrr eyes
Height: 5ft 4
Braces?: nope
Glasses?: nahh
Piercing: ahhh septum, ears and tongue, used to have both monroes and my ears were stretched p
Tattoos: no:( deffo getting some though
Righty or Lefty: right

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: Emma
First Award: hmmmh, probs some poem thing in school
First Sport You Joined: cheerleading
First Real Vacation: viva lassss vegasss! wasnt the first holiday but deffo one of the more extreme places i've been too
First Concert: busted lol
First Love: dannykins

Movie: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, wristcutters a love story, riding in cars with boys, lol all very depressing films
TV Show: C.S.I <33333
Colours: greys, purples, pinks
Song: any song by The hunt for ida wave, lair by taking back sunday, back in your head by tegan and sara
Candy: hmm boost bars
Restaurant: the local indian
Store: primark, i do love a bargain
School: pfft...none
Book: a million little pieces by james frey, even if it was all lies
Magazine: vogue
Shoes: 5" heels

Feeling: sad, bf gone for the week:(
Single or Taken: taken<333
Eating: haagen-dars strawberry cheesecake nomnomnom
Typing: this :p
Online: mhm
Listening To: my mum talk about something or other
Thinking About: watching something
Wanting: my bubbykins:((
Watching: nothing yet
Wearing: PJ's :D

Want Children?: ofc!
Want to be Married: yes pleaseee
Careers in Mind: marine anything tbh
Where do you want to live?: japan or canada!!

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: once maybe
Had Alcohol: ofc
Smoked: once and hated it! BLAH
Ran Away From Home: once when i was little lol got to the garden and it started raining so went back
Broken a bone: no
Got an X-ray: of my mouth
Broken Someone's Heart: yeah
Broke Up With Someone: yeh
Cried When Someone Died: not yet
Cried At School: yeh

Do You Believe In:
God: no
Miracles: kinda
Love At First sight: yeh
Ghosts: no
Aliens: yeh watched all the x-files, i believe!!
Soul Mates: yeh<3
Heaven: yeh
Hell: yep
Kissing on The First Date: yeh
Yourself: ofc!!

i tag anyone that wants to do it!!! :D xo

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