Monday, 20 July 2009

second tag!

second tag of the night although i offically got tagged for this by the lovely babycakesmakeup
so tyvm!!!:)
i have abit of a headache so my answer probably wont be too long

What's your favourite makeup look?

hmmh for an everyday look i love nude lips and brown subtle eyes and a dash of blush, nothing too dramatic
for night i love to go allll out ;) big bold eye colours with sexy nude lips and lashing of bronzer!
im also really liking purple lipstick right now, very lady gaga

What part of your body do you love?
my boobs, i may not be skinny and stick-like but my lovely DD's make up for it :) and i also like my feet, only cos my bf goes on about them being 'cute' 0.o

Who is your beauty icon?

hmmmh this is tricky, i guess i dont really have one :/ anyone that does their own thing and looks amazing while doing so is good in my books

What beauty products make you feel instantly sexy?
bright/deep red lipstick, i instantly start posing as if im about to star on the front cover of a pinup lads mag
big lush lips are sexy
also my hair extensions make me feel like a 60's pornstar! big messy bed hair is a personal favourite of mine:p

How do you look after your skin?
i dont do a thing :)
to put it simply
my skins quiet good although i do have my pill to thank for that but even without them i only get the odd pimple. nothing drastic
apart from that i moisturize it everyday

What is your signature scent?
miss dior cherie!!
got this on the way back from japan, wore it on the first date with my bf, so he loves it and smelling it just brings back happy memorys:))

What are your hair care secrets?

hmm dont overwash!!!
i hear so many people say 'oh but my hair gets greasy if i dont wash it everyday' thats because your washing the nautral oils out everyday...thus yr body produces wayy too much resulting in greasy hair
i wash mine once a week and it only ever gets greasy on the 5thy day then i resort to my dry shampoo
i dont care if this sounds gross lol

How do you pamper yourself?
i go to town with mummies plastic :p

What is your beauty pet peeve?
i HATE it when people spend £££ on every piece from a collection even though they know they arent going to wear half of it
i know i know!! nothing to do with me and ofc its up to them but in the end it just looks like they're showing off :/

What would be your desert island must haves?

just like melanie i would take suncream as i burn within seconds!:((
lipblam as my lips also burn lol and a hat, normally my head burns aswell
ahh the joys of being an english rose

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
hmmh be creative and fun and aslong as you like a look then go for it and dont care what anyone else thinks about it :)))


tag anyone that wants to do it :D xo


  1. yay, i'm so happy you did this tag! it was fun reading your answers! eek, i hate how quickly i burn :/ xx

  2. can you follow me in my blog ?


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