Monday, 13 July 2009


on friday i went to the dentist, all the pain killers have worn off so im living off of pills to help ease the pain:(
says the pain will last a week
and too make things worse i have developed a cold sore on the corner of my mouth (worst place to get them) so now i cant talk as it just adds to the pain

no videos for a lil bit till i feel abit better im afraid

good news!!
nearly 100 subscribers on youtube!! yay
well 79 as of just a min ago but still
thank you all soo much!
im glad people enjoy my viddies:))))
for now i'll be taking requests and when i do reach 100 subscribers i will do a comment contest
so all you'll have to do it leave a comment (and be subbed ofc) on the video and i'll pick someone at random for a prize
nothing too amazing but im sure as i get more subscribers the prizes will get better:))



  1. where is your cardigan from on your vids? the pink one. :) xx

  2. wow.. you have a video blog like michelle phan? nice congratulations for having 100,000 subscribers :) btw it's good to have a check up to a dentist for a while. Although the pain is ur enemy :(

  3. Congrats on the number of YT subscribers! Well done!


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