Tuesday, 28 July 2009

crator face :(

so about 3 years ago i got both my monroes picered and loved them!
a couple of months ago i took them out as im growing up and want to look presentable and not like i'll murder a virgin on 06.06.06 :)
and so i was left with 2 large holes above my lips:(
i try everyday to cover them with a ton of concealer and although it makes them less obvious i can still see them
its got to the point where i'll sit and cry about them and feel sorry for myself
i never regret having them done but im a lil bummed that my skin didnt heal so well

a lil search on the internet pulled up treatments that cost well in to the hundreds of pounds

money i just dont have to spend on such a vain thing
then i came across the Derma Roller
a odd looking device that wouldnt look too out of place in a horror movie

it claims to restore hair loss, remove acne/scarring, remove stretch marks and cellulite, anti ageing/wrinkles

How To Use Your Dermaroller

Take your dermaroller and simply roll it back and forth a few times over the affected area. By using a short needle length, the process is entirely pain free and takes just a few moments. After rolling, apply a moisturising crème or lotion and that’s all you have to do! Your skin will naturally do the rest as it begins to gradually transform itself to a thicker and plumper surface in which acne scars can entirely disappear and even heavy pitted scars can fade significantly. Within a few weeks you and those around you will notice a huge improvement.

now dont get me wrong im all for the saying 'if something sounds too good to be true, it normally is' but for only £55 i may have to give this a go

im deffo gonna look for some more reviews but i am preying this isnt a con/gimmick
i want to be pretty again:(


  1. That sucks that it hasn't healed properly :(
    I want my nose pierced but a) I'm scared and b) I worry it will leave a hole when I take it out.

    Have you tried something like bio oil which is good for scars? xx

  2. @ohmyskele if you do try bio oil test it first as i have heard some major rash stories about that stuff,eek.Im gonna sound like an ad now,i saw one of those info mercials for something called youthful essence,its a micro dermerbrasion wand that helps to resurface the skin.and if that fails,buy palmers cocoa butter,the one for scars and stretchmarks,its like £3-£4 or something,you will see a difference and it will def help until you save for another meathod : )

    @victoria,i had my nose pierced when i was 15,i took it out maybe 2yrs later.its only just heeled properly in the last year or so and im 23 now.you cant see anything,but you will always kinda see where it was,if you get what i mean
    Oh and it doesnt really hurt either,you feel you ears more,if uv ever had them done.

    hope this helps you both

  3. @Victoria
    i dont think a nose piercing will leave a realllly bad hole like mine, mine are like dents but i also had the bottom right hand side of my lip pierced and you cant even see that one :/
    i think monroes are just in such an awkward place to heal:(
    and as far as i know the septum is the most painful place to get pierced on the face, and i've had my done millllions of times and even stretched! and i hate pain lol so im sure you'll be fine if ya just want yr nose pierced :))xo

    @Beauty and the blog
    i have bio oil and it doesnt really seem to have done anything:( i know skin takes time to heal and stuff but it really does look silly lol

  4. i have scars from snakebits so i know EXACTLY how you feel!! nd my ear stretchings wont close. it sucks so much :(:(

    youve just gotta try and ignore them, theyre all such tiny things that people just dont notice!!

    me and my bf have been together 10 months and he only noticed them like 2 months ago :)

    chin up!!


  5. @Cat@catslittleobsessions
    lol yeh my stretched ear has only just gone down to a normalish size, but not like the other side :p
    they really arent tiny though:(
    the one under my lip is tiny! and i even forget i had that done sometimes
    but these are so in ya face its silly:(

  6. I'm sorry your scars never healed properly.I have a huge scar on my knee that never really went away but I used vitamin e and bio oil on the scar which helped it fade a lot. That device above looks pretty scary but its definitely worth a try if it only cost 55 pounds. x

  7. that will go,dont worry,but it will take some time,i never actually noticed until you said

    : )

  8. @Beauty and the blog
    do you really think so?
    i think i took them out about 4 months ago :/
    and im only panicking now as i start a new college course in september and i dont want people to look at me weirdly lol :((((xo

  9. noo,dnt be silly,if anyone looks at you and notices,all they will think is....you had a piercing and you took it out.

    its only been 4mnths,i thought it had been longer,that will be gone in a few more months.Dont worry

    your a pretty girl,no 1 will even care : )

    cum join my blog,im gna do a post dedicated to you

  10. @Beauty and the blog
    aww ty:)
    you've given me hope and im gonna start applying my bio oil again (gave up as im the kind of person that likes seeing results straight away :p)

    and ohmygosh! i thought i was a following yr blog already >.<
    well i deffo am now
    and again thank you, you've made me feel 10x better about my holes even if they wont disappear completely :)

  11. try the coca butter for scars and marks aswell : )


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