Wednesday, 22 July 2009

worst makeup mistake

oke i thought i'd write about the worst thing i seem to do with make up
so its a night out on the town and im getting all ready, i finish my make up and move on to clothes
the doorbell rings and its the girlies, we drink abit...ok alot! and then i get the clever idea to redo all of my make up as its starting to look a lil blurry in the mirror for some odd drunken reason..

thus i slap the fondation on and smother myself in lippie
i should be kept away from make up once im above the legal limit!!

yes i look like an idoit but im all for putting my hand up and saying yes i used and abused makeup :))
learn from my mistake girls! dont drink and do make up :p



  1. I think it looks great personally!! lol. x

  2. oh my goodness what are you talking about, you look fab! which lippie is that btw?

  3. @courtney
    aha ty!
    its mac's myth

  4. hahah I know what you mean
    I tried putting on purple eyeliner... and it got everywhere but where it was supposed to.


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