Sunday, 6 September 2009

oftd and sleek pout polishes

decided to start doing these as i have so many pretty clothes that im sure everyone else would like to see
so heres my first one:))
i wore this to go check my car out
i was very snugg in my new boots
as you can see im very hourglass shaped
damn my child bearing hips!

top - primark
cardigan - primark
jeans - topshop
boots - primark

oke on to some more make upp
my mum rang me up today saying she was in a superdrug in london and they had some sleek palettes, the one i wanted but couldnt find anywhere!
i said get itt !! then realised that i have loads of eyeshadows already, so instead i asked if they had the new pout polishes in
they did and on special offer!
so she got me pink cadillac and electro peach

they are sooooo bright in the pan, but on my lips they tone down alot but still provide a good colour pay off
they smell delish! and they dont feel at all sticky
i think i'll have to get the brown one aswell
the plum i'll take a rain check on, i dont like my lips in dark colours much :/


scratch that, just woke up to a bag of pressies (my birthday :D) and the sneaky devil got me the palette aswell :p
its the storm one and i mainly wanted it for all the nice earthy toned colours
i'll probably use this palette for college just to give my eyes a little bit of colour
i can not wait til sleek opens their online shop, my town doesnt have a sleek section:(



  1. wow, you look fab hun! and love the pout polishes! xx

  2. The pout polishes look good, I think i'll pick some up to try too :)
    I've tagged you on my blog too

  3. I love love love the sleek pout polishes!! awww its so pretty...y don't i have it over here :( sad


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