Monday, 7 September 2009

10 small things

i was really hoping
i'd get tagged for this and was very pleased when Beauty and the Blog tagged me aswell as a few other people!^^
this is just a 10 random facts tag

im actually very very very shy! but im trying to over come it
2) i CAN NOT take a compliment, i tend to just laugh and shrug it off
im a geek, i love world of warcraft, pokemon and my DS. any other sort of gaming console really
4) i get weird obsessions with certain foods, where
i'll eat it none stop for a couple of weeks then go completely off it and never eat it again
5) i have a crush on Gil
Grissom from C.S.I
theres nothing i love more then getting into bed and having Bruiser my chihuahua snuggle up next to me and my boyfriend spoon me
7) as well as being a gaming geek im also a tech fiend :p for some odd reason i always know how to get things working and i love apple! 1 imac, 1 macbook, 1 ibook, ipod and iphone and still counting! :D
8) oddly, i prefer nights in to nights out, im a girl of comforts!
9) i love cardigans, i never wear an outfit without one, no idea why lol
10) i believe in karma

ahhh pretty boring i knowww
it actually took me a while to even come up with these :))
i'd tag people but i think everyones already done it
if not, feel free to do it, i love finding out new things about you alot


  1. You should take compliments cause you're b-e-a-utiful! xx

  2. Number 4 - i'm EXACTLY the same! I end up going through phases like i am now where i literally cant think of anything i want to eat, then i'll eat something one day thats just sooo yummy i'll just want to eat it all day everyday lol that cant be healthy :) xxx


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