Sunday, 30 August 2009

back to college haul

this is my birthday/college haul
my boyfriend and mum took me to these two masssssive shopping centers near to where i live
most of this is from primark as the prices are toooo amazing and the clothes look great too
so yeh pretty pic heavy :)) and please excuse my fatness!! ew

long heavy cardigan


stripy top


see through :/

moarr sequinsssss

i have a thing for fringes aswell atmm


fringes and studs = heavennnn


lol satnav from my mum so i dont get lost


prep+prime finishing powder and creme cup lipstick

sleek palette in original

the video for all of this will be up later so im not gonna say too much about this stuff
otherwise i'll just be repeating myself
i had a lovely day out though and have even more to come in the mail:)
only problem is i dont want to get older :(((
hope everyone got all the exam results they wanted! im sure everyone did really well

Saturday, 29 August 2009

mia for awhile :(

been so busy this past week so havent had time to blog or record a video
i've been looking for a car as im taking my test soon so fingers crossed i get the perfect car and pass!
i also got my exam results and did amazingly! and got on to the animal care course so im veryveryveryvery happy:D
managed to do some 'back to college' shopping (not that i need anymore clothes, im finding it hard to fit everything into my drawers) and my boyfriend bought me some birthday pressies:)

all in all its been a fantastic week and im looking forward to more great things to come
i have a small haul video coming up but tbh i find it so hard buying make up, i just dont want to buy stuff for the sake of it so therefore my collection looks tiny, but on the plus side all my makeup gets used and nones wasted:))
alssooooo got over 300 subbies on youtube!
so thank you all so much! its insane!

oke now opinions
im not necessarily getting THIS car, but the question came up and i was wondering what everyone else would say/do
a pink car, would you get bored of the colour? or feel embarrassed?
i think its soooo cute even though im not that into pink

last week i recorded a winter fashion video but i never got round to uploading it, and now everyone seems to be doing the same, so i may not bother
although i might do a 'must have winter items'
eeee i love winterrrr!!


Saturday, 22 August 2009


just something i did while i was boreddd

mac tempting
mac amberlights
mac smut
mac phloof!
benefit bad girl eyeliner
maybelline colossal mascara

on a side note was thinking of giving up on youtube videos and putting more effort into my blog
thoughts? :/

Friday, 21 August 2009

the fab pore first thoughts

oke this is from the very popular Soap & Glory range
i've tried it twice now, and so far im liking it
the product its self is pinky white with tiny green beads mixed in, and you bascially apply it as a face mask and rub in until all the little beads have burst and disappeared
you can either leave it for 5 minutes for a quick glow or 15 for a more intense effect
then you simply wash it off
it leaves my skin alot more fresher and brighter
i cant comment on whether or not it makes my pores smaller or gets rid of blackheads as i dont really suffer with any of those, but it certainly feels cool and refreshing
another thing i love about this is the smell! its sort of minty and cucumbery :p
so yeah so far its a thumbs up from me :))
packaging: 5/5 very 50's and cute
price: 5/5 very cheap^^ £5.88 at boots
product: 4/5
overall: 5/5


Thursday, 20 August 2009

its the most wonderful time of the year

winter is by far my favourite season
sure summers nice, i like the way it makes me feel all happy no matter what
but theres something about wrapping myself up in scarfs and coats and getting ready for christmas that just makes me smile!
i find winter fashion so cute
so heres my winter must-haves!

♡first up is the sweater dress, yeh a dress in winter! not only is it warm and snugg but it looks super cute, paired with thick tights you cant go wrong
so if your if a girl that loves dresses but wouldnt like to freeze to death, this is for you:)

♡cute hats! plain or patterned, doesnt matter aslong as your heads warm
atm im inlove with the slouchy 'boyfriends' hat, perfect for when my hairs a mess and i need a very quick fix, also works well with a casual look

♡coats, you will definitely need one of these in the winter! this just so happens to be my pride and joy, my juicy couture plaid toggle coat:) i cant actually wear this unless its below freezing as i would bake to death! its lined with sheeps wool so it gets pretty hot, great for a cold winter night

♡UGGS, again lined with sheeps wool so its like an oven in these
they go with pretty much every outfit, a definite winter wardrobe must-have in my books

♡hoodies are great to have as they can be worn on not-so-cold days, ideal if your just popping out quickly and ya cant be bothered to waddle about in a massive coat
hoodies also look amazing under leather jackets, i normally wear a grey one to stand out under my black jacket

♡cute booties that can be worn in the house and outdoors? NEED!
not only do i feel like i belong in sweden or norway in these but they are snugg and veryveryvery cute^^
another piece of warmth that can work with lots of outfits, you neeeeeed these for sure!



i was awarded this by natalie (all dolled up)
so everyone needs to go check her out as blog is super cute!
and tyvm for tagging me:))

here are the rules
1 ♥ List 5 current obsessions
2 ♥ Pass this award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3 ♥ Mention the person who tagged you for the award and post their blog link
4 ♥ Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!!!
oke five obsessions
1) i have a minor...oke major obsession with wolf t-shirts and anything slighty tacky looking that you might pick up from a tourist shop. these tops look great teamed with leggings and super high classy heels aswell as comfy moccasins and big hoodies, ahhh i love themmmm!

2) studs studs studs! on everything!!!!

3) ysl lipstick in lingerie pink, the packaging is to die for, would look so pretty sitting on my vainty

4) chanel flats, have two pairs, one in black and white and another in gold and black, i love to wear them with skinnies and and a baggy cardigan with my hair in a messy bun and ofc you cant forget the pearls, coco wouldnt want it any other way ;)

5) eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, ever since i first watched this i have and proberly always will be obsessed with with movie, i watch it whenever im feeling a lil down and lonely and fancy a good ol' cry

as for tagging people im pretty sure everyones done this
but if not please feel free to do it :))


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

bathina and hollywood glo reviews

i had a lil shop last week and managed to pick up some benefit goodies
i picked two items that are very similar but i do have a reason for this
first of all i'll talk about bathina - body so fine
this pretty pink coloured tin sits perfectly on my vintage vanity
it comes with its own cute velvet puff to help apply it
as soon as i open it up the smell of old-fashioned roses fills the room
some people may find this overpowering but a good thing to this is when applied the scent last for ages, longer then a perfume, so i'd suggest if your going to use this then lay off any other sort of smellys

the balm its self is pale pink in colour but swiped on skin it turns transparent and luminescent, only the shimmer really shows up
the shimmer isnt glitterball or silly looking, in fact it looks very lovely and i feel that this would suit any skin colour, the downside is it does tend to feel a lil greasy and i know some people dont like that feeling
another problem is the shimmer does wear off quite quickly although the scent will stick around for a while
i bought this mainly for the winter or when i give my fake tan a rest, to make my palllle skin glow
packaging: 5/5 sooo cute!
price: 2/5 i reckon its way too much for what it is, around £20
product: 4/5 wish the scent wasnt so strong
overall: 3/5

bathina body so fine ~ hollywood glo body lustre

on to hollywood glo
now its pretty much the same as bathina expect it does leave more of a golden bonzey colour to the skin
so i would recommend this more for people with a tan or a darker skin colour
the truly horrible and reminds me of old people, some of you may like it though and its probably more of a personal thing
again it comes with its own velvet puff which makes application soft and even
i do believe they stopped making it and turned it into a small bottle of shimmery lotion which i also have and i can say this much, they did not improve the smell much at all!
i will most likely only use this on my legs to give a nice sheen and when im decked out in my fake tan ready to glow!
packaging: 5/5 again so cute
price: 4/5 again around £20 but only found on ebay
product: 1/5 HATE the smell eek!
overall: 2/5


Monday, 17 August 2009


this seemed like such a fun tag i just had to do it!
the lovely zoe tagged me so tyvm for the great tag :))

heres what you have to do
1. first go to your picture folder
2. go down to the 10th picture
3. post the 10th picture and tell the great story behind it :)
and dont forget to tag 5 people

my 10th picture

okeoke so technically i didnt take this picture but i'll tell you the reason i saved it:)
this is what i want my view to be like when i wake up in the morning and look out of my lil log cabin
im very much a nature girl and even though i love the city i would much prefer to roam around with bears and deers then with cars and people
give me plaid lumberjack shirt and moccasins over 5" heels and strappy dresses anyday
horses over flash cars
beautiful fresh lakes over highpriced spas
a home made from wood over a 20 story flat

ahh yes thats the life for me :))
dont get me wrong i love being pampered and spending money on high end stuff but how can you beat that view!? its amazing!

aha so there you go
my lil story:)

now for you lot!
i tag
...Tabithas Wonderland...
plus anyone else that wants to do this

thanks again zoe for tagging me, was a very fun tag:))
and cant wait to see the everyones 10th piccies

Saturday, 15 August 2009

not that great?

this is the infamous 187 brush by mac that everyone seems to be lusting after
now although i didnt purchased the £29.00 version of this stippling brush, i got a fairly good cheaper dupe
and all i can say is whats the hype about?
all it seems to do is push my foundation around my face and in the end it just looks cakey
im guessing this is what its meant to do to create the 'flawless' look
i have since moved on to a much better way of applying my foundation
costs me nothing :p
my fingerrrrs
yes the simplest thing
the other day round my bf's i was doing my make up and realized my stippling brush was veryyyy dirty and hadnt been washed in ages, so instead of using it i put it to one side and resorted to using my hands
i was shocked at how much of a different there was
my foundation was even and non-cakey :D
also instead of one big pump from my mac SSF i used 1/4 pumps and waited for the product to settle on my face before doing another layer
this helped loads!
so there ya have it
just because somethings insanely expensive doesnt mean it'll do the job any better then something that costs nothing :p
by no means am i saying that the brush itself is not good, but the finger technique seems to work better for me


Thursday, 13 August 2009

1st palette

this is a blog about my first mac palette
i've already shown you all my new eyeshadows but i never posted about my old depotted ones^^
i depotted them on my old sexy pink GHD's :p
and got a lil high off the fumes

mostly neutrals, some new brighter colours to spice up the more natural looks

smut ~ tempting ~ amberlights ~ swish
honesty ~ bronze ~ sumptuous olive ~ stars n rockets
shroom ~ phloof! ~ aquadisiac ~ beauty marked ~ nocturnelle

for an everyday look i normally like to pair shroom + honesty + bronze for a subtle smokey look
for a more glamourous look i pair phloof! + stars n rocket + nocturnelle + beauty marked

still need two more shadows so any colours that i need? give me some suggestions :)
although i might press some of my barry m pigments in the future
i'll let you know how that works out ;)


Wednesday, 12 August 2009


i came across these earrings on esty and picked the ones i liked best ^^

random post but hey, its 2 in the morning and im boredddd :)
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